Cacao is heart medicine, and we will each have our own personal relationship with the cacao we are drawn to. On this page I feature 3 ceremonial cacao makers and sources that I have personal relationships with. I have worked with their cacao directly, and in some cases have visited the origin cacao farms. The cacao suppliers you find on this page I personally vouch for in integrity, quality, and intention of the work they do.

Each of these suppliers offers something unique, and I encourage you to experiment with the different kinds to see what forms of cacao, and origins feel right for you. Each origin has a different energy to it and I find that I work with different suppliers' medicines for different needs.

Cacao Cheers!

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Firefly Chocolate 

Origins: Belize, Ecuador, Tanzania | Differentiators: Easy-to-use discs, delicious blends, made from bean to final product in house.

I first met Jonas Ketterle, the founder of Firefly Chocolate in 2015. Fate led me to move to the same area as Firefly in 2017, and it's been lovely to be in driving distance from his Chocolate Studio where I go pick-up cacao, try out new flavors & have business meetings (where we mostly just drink cacao and talk about cacao).

Jonas is passionate about sharing cacao as a way to inspire awe and wonder. He has an engineering background and has designed some of the equipment he uses to make his cacao himself. He ships the beans up from Latin America and handles the entire process from bean to the product you receive when you purchase. He has developed a new form for ceremonial cacao, the discs, which are much easier to work with. This is a major change from the industry standard 1lb+ brick of cacao that you chop. The ceremonial discs allow for easy measurement, and a smoother liquid. Not to mention they're great for snacking on.

Jonas is very selective about the cacao farmers he works with and makes delicious blends as well, which have made me happy to support his work and spread the good word.

Shop Firefly Ceremonial Cacao here.

Soul Lift Cacao

Origin: Guatemala | Differentiators: Hard-to-get & powerful Guatemalan Cacao, supports a women's collective in Guatemala. 

Nick and I met in Guatemala in January 2018, and co-led a workshop together on beautiful Lake Atitlán. His dedication to sourcing high quality cacao and spreading it far and wide has been inspirational to me and he personally visits the farms that he works with to ensure high quality & integrity.

I'm happy that he's done the leg-work to make the more powerful Guatemalan cacao accessible, as it's not easy to get! One source is an indigenous family farm in Cobán that sends the cacao to a women's collective at Lake Atitlán for selection, roasting, and pouring in intentions for it to be a "soul medicine" to the world.

Soul Lift Cacao specializes in organic small-batch cacao grown at family farms in Guatemala and prepared specifically for ceremonial use. That also means it's roasted over an actual wood fire.

You can purchase Soul Lift Cacao here with the discount code SENASHAKTI for $1 off. 

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Cacao Laboratory

Origin: Ecuador | Differentiators: Easy-to-use pre-chopped versions, Alchemical Elemental Blends

I've been following Florencia since she opened The Cacao Studio in Brooklyn in 2017, and we soon became cacao sisters in Guatemala in January of 2018. She's on a mission to bring cacao to the masses, and leads beautiful ceremonies along with starting her own cacao company, Cacao Laboratory, with her brother.

I highly recommend a block of their Arriba Nacional ceremonial grade
cacao for ceremonies. It was grown in mineral rich volcanic soil on an agroforestry project in the Ecuadorian province of Guayas.

For personal rituals her alchemical elemental blends are divine, and will help you connect more deeply with your true nature.

You can purchase Cacao Laboratory here with the promo code senalovingyou for 5% off. 


Other High-Vibe Products

Clearwater Cultures

I met the founder of Clearwater Cultures at Beloved Festival and was so enthralled with her products that I talked with her for 2 hours straight.

Based on an off-grid homestead in Idaho, Nonia and her multi-generational family create the products with the best, cleanest, most loving energy and ingredients, many of which are grown on their own land. Here's a blurb about them and their magical medicine making process: 

Welcome! We are a rural family living in our own trial and error process of creating a multi- generational family perma-culture that includes all levels of life, from micro-organisms, to human beings and our planet. We have been using natural health methods for many years, growing and wild-crafting herbs, and making our own herbal formulas, tinctures, poultices, infusions, teas, hair rinses, bath soaks, soaps, salves and creams. When we introduced fermented foods and ancient cultures to our diets, and our homemade skin care products, we experienced tremendous improvements in our health and well-being. We also discovered that by creating symbiotic relationships with ancient living cultures, we began to rapidly awaken to our own expanded history and our divine purpose on earth. 

You can check out their probiotic skin & hair care (I fully attribute my long healthy hair to their products) on their website. Make sure to use code SENASHAKTIWCW for 10% off!

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Essential Oil Wizardry

I came across these essential oils while getting a handpoked tattoo next to a beautiful river in Costa Rica. My tattoo artist placed a few of these oils on the altar, and I was immediately riveted. As a big believer in plants as medicine, I had been on the hunt for essential oils that felt GOOD. I prefer small batches and knowing my makers.

When I looked into this brand and learned about Docta Nick, the Wizard behind these oil blends, I was sold. I purchased a ton, and haven't looked back since. Nick is a true wizard, making blends beyond this world, and the way he is spreading the magic of plants feels good to my soul.

You can check out your own oils & blends (for much more affordable prices than the big EO companies you're probably familiar with) on his website.

*As a full-hearted supporter of these products, I receive a commission if you click these links and make a purchase, at no cost to you.