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Jaguar Spirit Cacao Ceremony With Sena & Mae (LA)

Cacao Ceremony with Sena Shellenberger & Mae Aguirre
Sunday, June 10th at 3pm
Loving exchange of $33

Join us as our medicine comes together in sacred ceremony to celebrate 12 N'oj: A beautiful day in the Mayan Calendar to connect with our Divine Mother, Pachamama. ♡ In gratitude and love, we will reconnect with our hearts with help from Mama Cacao.

~ Basic info:
– Please arrive 10 min before to set up your space. 
– Loving exchange of $33 via or paypal (email

~ About Cacao:
Kakaw (Cacao) is an ancestral plant, known for it's many wonderful properties. It is extremely rich in antioxidants and Theobromine, an alkaloid that literally translates from Greek to "Food of the Gods". Also known as the “Heart’s Medicine”, Cacao is great for cardiovascular health, and works with this chakra from physical to spiritual and energetic levels. Cacao has been used by our Mayan, Aztec, Olmec, and Incan ancestors, (among others), as a sacred beverage that re-aligns us to Great Spirit, quiets the mind, and allows the heart to speak.

This Cacao is 100% organic, raw, Mexican, and is rich in healing properties. It is grown and prepared with love and respect by native families who have dedicated their lives to this beautiful medicine generation after generation. 

~ Preparations:
- Bring comfortable clothes
- Pen & notebook (optional for reflections throughout the ceremony)
- Water is VERY important. (let’s avoid plastic, please)
- Something to sit on/lay on more comfortably
- Flowers/Tobacco/Seeds/Items for the altar
~ Diet:
- Drink enough water throughout the day.
- Don't be under the influence of anything before the ceremony.
- Avoid caffeine 5 hrs before.
- Avoid heavy meals 2-3 hrs before.
- Set an intention (preferably) 3 days before the ceremony to enhance your experience. This way you will have a deeper connection with yourself and what you want to work with during the ceremony.

~ Contraindications:
Please e-mail us if you are pregnant, have low/high blood pressure, epilepsy, or are taking antidepressants. Feel free to reach out for any other question, as well. –––>