My Journey With Cacao

After sharing photos of my morning rituals on Instagram, people started asking lots of questions.

Then, Business Insider referenced me in an article about how Cacao was a new SF fad, without my prior knowledge. As I read through the article full of misinformation I knew I had to speak up. I couldn't let people learn about this plant spirit that has brought so much to my life from a misinformed article.

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An Introduction to Ceremonial Cacao

Cacao is a gentle yet powerful plant teacher who is here to help us reconnect with our heart-guided soul path in this life. Her  (she's often referred to as a feminine spirit) heart medicine has been honored & stewarded by indigenous Mesoamerican cultures (Pre Olmec, Olmec, Maya & Aztec to name a few) for over 4,000 years, and the Cacao bean's unique chemical makeup has earned the scientific name "The Food of the Gods."

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