The Love Frequencies of Cacao, Rose & Rose Quartz


While I’ve felt connected with Rose energetically for some time, this medicine really unfolded for me after a recent reading of Damascena: The Tale of Roses and Rumi, a coming of age tale about a young female mystic who is a keeper of the Roses. Damascena changes hundreds of lives with her devotion to growing and sharing roses. Seeing the roses support her through her various incredible life experiences (orphan, saint, burn victim, confidante of Rumi, Sufi spinner, and blissful wife by the age of 17) gave me a deeper understanding of how Rose works on many levels.

Rose channels pure love frequency, and they are one of the most high frequency beings on the planet. They are one of Mother Mary’s symbols, and you may have heard her called “Our Lady of the Roses,” and Rose imagery is often in images of The Sacred Heart. When you look at a fully bloomed Rose, and then smell the magic that it emanates, one can easily tell that they are a symbol of the divine feminine. Out of all of the flowers on earth, I would guess Rose is the most widely recognized. And, it’s no mistake that roses are still the luxury flower gift we give to our beloved when we want to make a statement of love and devotion.

Rose + Cacao

I’ve always felt an intuitive link between Rose & Cacao. They’re both known to be emotionally uplifting, and they both work on the cardiovascular system and open the heart chakra. They also are both astringent, and the rose’s thorns remind me of Cacao’s bitter taste which as a friend once shared in ceremony, "you have to go through the bitter to get to the sweet." Once I started working with Firefly Chocolate’s Tantric Rose Blossom blend, I felt the power of combining these two powerful allies together. It’s grounded and cosmic, powerful and sweet, juicy and supportive. It’s a continuous unfurling and unraveling of the barriers around the heartspace. It’s pure. love.

Summary of Rose qualities: Highest Frequency, Love, Divine, Miracles, Divine Feminine, Powerful, Devotion, Heaven on Earth, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Heart Chakra

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a heart chakra stone. It’s known for its soothing and calming effect on the nervous system, and is associated with a soft rebuilding of the love energy within. Rose Quartz is helpful when one is feeling scattered, or jittery in the nervous system and will help restore harmony to the system and also help regain focus. Rose quartz is a feminine energy, and Mother Mary & Quan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion, both work through Rose Quartz. It helps us expand our consciousness so that we can unconditionally love ALL the parts of ourselves through a deep sense of compassion.

Summary of Rose Quartz Qualities: Unconditional Love, Self Love, Divine Love, Compassion, Grace, Divine Feminine, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Heart Chakra

How I work with these energies

More often I’m finding myself in states of overwhelm, lately. And I’ve gotten clear that overwhelm is not an emotion we feel from the heart, but a mind-state. These three allies have been so supportive for me in helping me drop back down from my head into my heart.

Cacao is my most high morning ritual. It is a sacred tree, so working with it upon waking is a wonderful way to connect to the Earth energy and the strength and solidity of the Trees. Part of my morning ritual is drinking cacao, and it’s a powerful way to activate the Love Frequency within my cells. Working with cacao internally, and connecting with the Tree energy are my main connection points, right now.

Rose is my sacred reminder of the Love that exists all around me at any moment. I connect most with rose via sight and smell. I spritz my home and body often with rose water, and anoint my body with Rose essential oil regularly. This helps connect me to my feminine essence, and supports vitality, radiance, and maintaining a gentle yet powerful connection to the Love Frequency in my space & being. I also find the image of Rose in my mind’s eye throughout the day, and seeing it reminds me of the beauty in each moment. And then of course, when you’re attuned to the rose frequency you’ll start seeing roses in gardens and artwork throughout your day, as another reminder of the beauty all around you.

Rose Quartz is a physical anchor, and it helps me feel calm, harmonized, and gently loving. I connect primarily with Rose Quartz by holding it, and having it near me in physical space. I often sleep with the stone in one hand, and place it on different areas of my body that feel too open, or vulnerable. When I’m feeling scattered, this is my go-to as it brings me back to myself and my heart.

How do you work with these energies? Let me know in the comments!

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