My Journey With Cacao

After sharing photos of my morning rituals on Instagram, people started asking lots of questions.

Then, Business Insider referenced me in an article about how Cacao was a new SF fad, without my prior knowledge. As I read through the article full of misinformation I knew I had to speak up. I couldn't let people learn about this plant spirit that has brought so much to my life from a misinformed article.

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The Current Wave Ascension Activation

Can you feel the activation in the air? Since publicly sharing about my role as an Ascension Guide and telling my activation story on Instagram, I've been getting countless messages from people saying they are receiving similar messages. More people are feeling the call to share their stories and their gifts. We're at the tipping point where our Truth is more powerful than our fear.

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WTF Is Happening - Super New Moon in Gemini (June 13, 2018)

This last week was heavy. Loved ones feeling overwhelmed by the Earth plane and choosing to leave it. In the Mayan calendar we just completed a 13-day cycle focused on death & rebirth. Yesterday was a super new moon in Gemini. We are now officially approaching Eclipse season. We have 2 more super new moons on the way.

WTF is happening?

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The Love Frequencies of Cacao, Rose & Rose Quartz

Rose channels pure love frequency, and they are one of the most high frequency beings on the planet. They are one of Mother Mary’s symbols, and you may have heard her called “Our Lady of the Roses,” and Rose imagery is often in images of The Sacred Heart. When you look at a fully bloomed Rose, and then smell the magic that it emanates, one can easily tell that they are a symbol of the divine feminine. Out of all of the flowers on earth, I would guess Rose is the most widely recognized. And, it’s no mistake that roses are still the luxury flower gift we give to our beloved when we want to make a statement of love and devotion.

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An Introduction to Ceremonial Cacao

Cacao is a gentle yet powerful plant teacher who is here to help us reconnect with our heart-guided soul path in this life. Her  (she's often referred to as a feminine spirit) heart medicine has been honored & stewarded by indigenous Mesoamerican cultures (Pre Olmec, Olmec, Maya & Aztec to name a few) for over 4,000 years, and the Cacao bean's unique chemical makeup has earned the scientific name "The Food of the Gods."

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